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Kawartha Docks is a dock company located in the Township of North Kawartha.  Our showroom is located at 6152 Highway 28 Woodview Ontario.  We sell all styles of docks and whether you are looking for a floating dock, tower dock or stationary dock we have a product to suit your needs.  We specialize in large, one piece wooden floating docks for that traditional cottage look. 

We are also the exclusive Kawartha Area Dealer for the On The Water Designs line of products which is one of Ontarios premier manufacturers of aluminum floating, pole and tower docks aluminum hardware and boat lifts.  No matter what the challenges that your shoreline presents, Kawartha Docks are able to provide an effective solution.

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The Kawartha Docks team is led by Jeff Ball.  Jeff has been in the dock business since 1995 and is truly passionate about docks and providing docking solutions.  The other team members working with Jeff come from a number of different backgrounds, however the one thing they have in common is that they are all detail oriented and dedicated to providing only the best product around.  We enjoy what we do and love to see the smiles on our customers faces when we redefine their shoreline!
At Kawartha Docks, not only do we want to sell you a dock, we want to sell you the proper dock for your particular application.  This is where our free site visit is beneficial.  We will attend your property, view and photograph your shoreline and then discuss with the client their docking requirements, both present and future.  Is there a larger boat in the future, is the size of the family expected to increase, how much entertaining is done on the dock, all of these questions and a familiarity with the clients property allow us to make the best suggestion possible for your waterfront needs.
For the do it yourselfer we also offer a number of options.  We sell Permafloat floatation billets which come in dozens of different sizes and all carry a 15 year warranty.  We also offer a complete line of aluminum and galvanized hardware and brackets for the cottager that wants to build their own wooden pole or floating dock.

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Customized to suit your needs

Stationary, or fixed docks are generally used in a situation where the depth is shallow (8’ or less), the lake bottom is relatively firm, and the water level does not fluctuate more than 2’ throughout the season.  In this style of dock we offer our Designer Series Pole Dock, Designer Series Tower Dock and Leisure Series Pole Dock. These docks draw their support from the lake bed and are suspended above the water by poles with foot pads on the bottom of them. The primary difference between a Pole Dock and Tower Dock is that the Pole Dock must physically be removed from the lake for the Winter, while the tower dock has a hinge system which allows it to be winched up on an angle over top the water for the off season.  The tower dock saves the cottager from entering the water for Spring set up and Fall disassembly.
Floating docks are generally used for all other applications.  All of our floating docks require minimal water depth to float.  Floating docks are vulnerable to movement when it comes to wave action, boat traffic, etc., however when properly anchored and constructed, and the ramp is secured to shore we are able to minimize the movement and provide a safe, stable docking experience.  We frequently hear from our clients that walking on our floating docks is much like walking on a sidewalk!  This is the difference that a properly constructed, anchored and installed dock can make to the enjoyment of your waterfront.
If you are unsure of what style of dock you require, or what would work best in your particular situation, send us some information and we will make a suggestion.  Be sure to include size of dock you are after, boat sizes you own, shoreline description and depth at the waterfront.  If you have some pictures of the existing system send them along as this will help us as well.
We also offer a free, no obligation site visit where we attend the site and view it for ourselves.  This will take any of the unknowns out of the process and we are able to make an informed suggestion for your needs.

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6152 Highway 28, Woodview, ON


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