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This dock comes in a box, and you put it together!  It is perfect for remote locations where access is an issue and ideal for the Do It Yourself cottage owner.  Each 5’x10’ pole dock section will take about an hour to assemble.  Sections can also be mounted side to side as well as end to end to make a larger system.  For an additional fee we also offer these frames preassembled.

The new Leisure Series Pole Dock is the most innovative leg dock in production today. It’s precision made and light weight design bolts together instead of being welded. This type of construction technique makes it a great package for a summer Do-It-Yourself project. Made from 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum, its classic truss style frame design ensures an excellent strength to weight ratio. Only non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel fasteners are in the docks assembly.

The Leisure Series system was developed with the aid of the latest 3D CAD modelling software to ensure each part is an exact fit. Our proprietary in-house tooling guarantees consistent production of this design and ensures every hole is in exactly the right place. Each dock is Canadian made at our factory in Muskoka.

Frames are available in 5′ x 10′ sections, approximately weighing 75lb/34kg. The dock frames come with all the connection points pre-punched, enabling almost any type of dock configuration. The easily packaged design allows for easy shipping to anywhere and assembles with ease.

Leg holders feature a unique hand operated leg adjustment knob eliminating the need for tools during in water installation. The dock has deck support sleepers every 16″, supporting almost any type of decking you choose to use.

Dock frame kits are available as frame only or with multiple decking options including Western Red Cedar, ThruFlow Plastic Decking, or Solid PVC Decking. Our exclusive deck panel clips clamp decking securely to the frame.

Each Dock incorporates a special extruded side frame enabling our EZ-Glide bumper strip to slide into place (no nailing or screwing). Aluminum legs, telescopic leg braces, leg holders and feet complete your dock.

Best Warranty In The Business

Your dock is exposed to the harshest conditions mother nature has to offer. Hot, cold, storm winds and high waves. All before your family arrives for a weekend of swimming, skiing and relaxing on the water.

You want a dock that is ready when you are. Every company claims to build the best, most durable dock available but the truth is easy to uncover.

Just Ask About the Warranty

At On the Water Designs, we warranty our dock frames for a full 10 Years. Our warranty is NOT prorated meaning you aren’t responsible for 10% of the cost in year 1, 20% in year 2 etc. like some of our competitors. With On the Water Designs, you have the same great coverage at year 10 as you did the day you bought the dock. We are able to offer the best warranty in the business because most of our clients never need to use it. To us, that is the mark of a great quality dock system.

Leisure Series Pole Docks: Product
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