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Customized to suit your waterfront

The "Kawarthan"

With our location being in the Heart of the Kawarthas, and its numerous deep water lakes, we love floating docks.  Our reputation as the Kawarthas Premier custom wooden floating dock builder comes from our years of experience in the business.  In short, we know how to build a dock and what works.  With the shifting weather patterns of the past decade, we are experiencing increased ice movement and challenging Winter conditions.  With this in mind, our docks are meant to stay in the water year round and stand up to the most difficult seasonal challenges. Our extensive bracketing system within the framework of our docks keeps everything together through high winds and Fall storms, as well as the moving ice of the Winter season.  Please review our construction methods below to better understand our construction process.

Common Sizes

As we are a custom dock builder any size of dock is possible.  Our most common size is 10’x20’. With most boats being in the 20’ range, this 20’ length gives a suitable amount of space for the client to secure their boat.  With our construction methods all of our docks are built in such a way that they can be added onto as time progresses and your needs change.  A 10’x20’ can easily become a 20’x20’ by removing the skirt board and uniting another 10’x20’.  The skirt boards are then reinstalled and the larger dock is ready to enjoy!

Any size of dock is possible with Kawartha docks.  Bring us your ideas and imagination, we will draw it and provide a detailed quote.  We have constructed everything from swimming docks and marina systems to large slip systems to structures of 2000 square feet, and everything in between.

Construction Methods


All of our docks are constructed using Permafloat foam filled plastic floatation billets for floatation.  These are a premium float that come with an industry leading 15 year warranty.  The first ten years of this warranty include a straight exchange policy, whereas the last five years are on a prorated basis.  Some conditions related to proper maintenance do apply.

 We have been using these floats for years and have had nothing but success with them.  The floats essentially represent the “foundation” of any dock system, and as such are one of the most important components of the overall system.

We produce an extremely stable and secure dock by placing a higher than average floatation value beneath our systems.  We have a minimum floatation value of 30 pounds per square foot which results in a stable, well floating system where nobody gets wet feet!


We frame our docks using a premium grade pressure treated lumber.  All of our docks are framed using 2x6 lumber and with all of the framing beneath we finish out with a full 7” frame when measured from the top of the floats to the bottom of the decking.  When the decking is added to this framework and the height of the floats (12”) we have an overall finished height of 20.5”.  The freeboard height of the dock (top of water to top of decking) is roughly 17.5” as these docks draw about 3” of water when finished. None of the wood on the dock touches the water.

Everything beneath our docks is reinforced using heavy duty corner and joist brackets and fasteners.  We through bolt everything beneath, including the floats.  We do not use lag bolts as our experience over the past 19 years has shown that lags will eventually work themselves loose.  All joists and corners are reinforced using the hardware described above.  The benefit of the added hardware and labour to install pays off as the years progress and the structural integrity of the dock remains sound.  Our joists are placed at 16” centres as once again the extra lumber will contribute to the longevity of the system.


We deck our docks using a premium “J” grade, Sienna, Brown pressure treated lumber. Cedar decking and skirting is also available for an additional cost. With all of our decking we strive to use full lengths of lumber and avoid having any joints.

All of our deck boards are secured using a #10x3.5” ceramic coated deck screw.  Everything is screwed, including the skirt boards.  We do not use air or gas nailers at all in our construction process.  Our boards are fit with precision which leads to a very impressive and long lasting finished product.

When the decking has been completed we skirt the entire perimeter of the dock with a 2x10 which serves to hide some of the floats as well as the end of the deck boards and create an overall clean, neat and tidy appearance.


We attach our anchor retainer within the framework of the system beneath the decking in an easy to adjust location.  Once again these brackets are through-bolted with a backer plate on the inside for added strength. 

When it comes time to adjust the anchor chains, simply kneel down on the dock, grab the chain and either loosen or tighten it by pulling it through the hole on the retainer.  This is the simplest method for anchor attachment and adjustment on the market.  There is no reaching under the dock, no removing deck panels and no chance of falling into the lake!

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